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What Is Mister B’s Buzz LIVE!

Mister B’s Buzz LIVE! is a children’s music broadcast that promotes and inspires community musicality, creativity, harmony and personal development. The buzz is all about showing up as who you are and joining the fun!


Sing-alongs and Chants

Dance and Movement

Story Book Time

SEL Facilitation

Interactive Activities

Instrument Shares

And more...





About Mister B

 Mister B’s career working with children spans over 3 decades and in that time, he has built a reputation for his ability to captivate young audiences while also educating them in powerful, positive, and profound ways.


“Through Mister B’s Program, children have the opportunity to grow into creative,
intellectual and spiritual human beings.” ~Brent Noyes, Principal

“Mister B, thank you for instilling a love of music and the message of tolerance, compassion and peace. We are so blessed to have your program for our children.” ~Elaine Fey, Parent

“Mister B has a magical ability to bring out the hearts and souls of children. We love to sing and be with him!”~ Barbara Fitzner, Teacher

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