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Who is Mister B?

Mister B has built a reputation for his ability to captivate young audiences while also educating them in powerful, positive, and profound ways. An experienced children’s entertainer and instructor, Mister B was born into a musical family in Champagne, France.

What is Mister B’s Buzz?

Thank you for joining the buzz with Mister B’s Buzz!

Get buzzing with Mister B’s Buzz and give yourself and your kids lots of fun and fresh personal knowledge and inspiration to last a lifetime through educational videos, songs, performances, workshops, and live event, film and tv appearances. 

The buzz is where connection, communication, compassion and creativity gather to play, laugh and learn. What is a Ukulele? What famous composer cut off the legs of his piano? What does kindness look and sound like? Can you really break glass with the power of your voice? What can make you a great friend in this world? 

The world is filled with exciting sounds, interesting feelings and personal magic and your friendly host, Mister B, will help your children to feel seen, loved, empowered, excited and entertained in it.