Hello friends and families:

Whether your child is a current student of mine or a new potential music friend, welcome, and I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and entertained amidst the current times. Since the beginning, music has had the ability to inspire the heart, to awaken the voice, to bring people together and to educate and grow the mind and the soul of each individual.    

We might all be stuck at home right now but the music doesn’t have to stop; in fact, it needs to get louder and stronger in order to move us onward with spirit and smiles.

 So, are you ready to experience Mister B’s Buzz LIVE!?

From my home to your home, a virtual music appreciation class that will allow your child to continue to connect, to express, to sing, to move, to laugh, to learn and to get inspired in the music of it all.

I’m excited to see you soon, friends!

Mister B